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Single 8 bits ADC, up to 30 MHz, 40 MHz or 50 MHz
Rev. 02 — 14 August 2008
Product data sheet
1. General description
The ADC0806030/040/050 are a family of 8-bit high-speed, low-power Analog-to-Digital
Converters (ADC) for professional video and other applications. It converts the analog
input signal into 8-bit binary coded digital signals at a maximum sampling rate of 50 MHz.
All digital inputs and outputs are Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) and CMOS compatible,
although a low-level sine wave clock input signal can also be used.
The device requires an external source to drive its reference ladder. If the application
requires that the reference is driven via internal sources, NXP recommends you use one
of the ADC1003S030/040/050 family.
2. Features
I 8-bit resolution
I Sampling rate up to 50 MHz
I DC sampling allowed
I One clock cycle conversion only
I High signal-to-noise ratio over a large analog input frequency range (7.8 effective bits
at 4.43 MHz full-scale input at fclk = 40 MHz)
I No missing codes guaranteed
I In-Range (IR) CMOS output
I TTL and CMOS levels compatible digital inputs
I 3 V to 5 V CMOS digital outputs
I Low-level AC clock input signal allowed
I External reference voltage regulator
I Power dissipation only 175 mW (typical)
I Low analog input capacitance, no buffer amplifier required
I No sample-and-hold circuit required
3. Applications
I Video data digitizing
I Radar
I Transient signal analysis
I Σ∆ modulators
I Medical imaging
I Barcode scanner
I Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver

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