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S-1112/1122 Series
© Seiko Instruments Inc., 2002-2015
The S-1112/1122 Series is a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage, high-accuracy output
voltage, and low current consumption developed based on CMOS technology.
A built-in low on-resistance transistor provides a low dropout voltage and large output current, and a built-in
overcurrent protection circuit prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacity of the output
transistor. An ON/OFF circuit ensures a long battery life. Compared with the voltage regulators using the
conventional CMOS technology, a larger variety of capacitors are available, including small ceramic capacitors.
Small SNT-6A(H) (S-1112 Series only) and SOT-23-5 packages realize high-density mounting. In SOT-23-5,
the lineup includes the S-1112 and S-1122 Series, which differ in pin configuration.
Output voltage:
Output voltage accuracy:
Dropout voltage:
Current consumption:
Output current:
Output capacitor:
Ripple rejection:
Built-in overcurrent protection circuit:
Built-in ON/OFF circuit:
Operation temperature range:
Lead-free, Sn 100%, halogen-free*2
1.5 V to 5.5 V, selectable in 0.1 V step
190 mV typ. (3.0 V output product, IOUT = 100 mA)
During operation: 50 μA typ., 90 μA max.
During power-off: 0.1 μA typ., 1.0 μA max.
Possible to output 150 mA (VIN VOUT(S) + 1.0 V)*1
A ceramic capacitor of 0.47 μF or more can be used.
80 dB typ. (f = 1.0 kHz)
Limits overcurrent of output transistor.
Ensures long battery life.
Ta = 40°C to +85°C
*1. Attention should be paid to the power dissipation of the package when the output current is large.
*2. Refer to “Product Name Structure” for details.
Constant-voltage power supply for battery-powered device
Constant-voltage power supply for personal communication device
Constant-voltage power supply for home electric/electronic appliance
Constant-voltage power supply for cellular phone
Seiko Instruments Inc.

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