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Stainless Steel
Servo Motors
W-Series stainless steel washdown brushless servo motors provide low
inertias for fast acceleration and a rugged design especially suited for food
processing environments. Available in two frame sizes, the W-Series motors
range in continuous torque capability from 1.7 to 7.2 N-m (15 to 64 lb-in)
and speeds up to 3000 rpm. These motors are compatible with all 230V
Ultra products including the Ultra3000, Ultra5000 and ULTRA 100/200.
W-Series motor features:
u All exposed motor parts are 300 series stainless steel with Teflon® or
Viton® seals for compliance with most food industry standards.
u Neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet rotors provide low inertias
for fast accelerations.
u Internal thermal switch indicates overheating.
u Motor mounted optical encoder includes 2000 quadrature pulses and
index pulse.
u Economical, compact design for harsh or high hygiene environments.
Typical Applications
u Food processing or food handling
u Corrosive chemical environment
u Hygiene or washdown applications
W-xxxx-P-H00AA Above Food Line, Teflon Shaft Seal
W-xxxx-P-H00AB Below Food Line, Viton Shaft Seal
W-xxxx-M-H00AA Above Food Line, Teflon Shaft Seal
W-xxxx-M-H00AA Below Food Line, Viton Shaft Seal

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