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November 2013
Low On-Resistance, Slew-Rate-Controlled Load Switch
1.2 V to 5.5 V Input Voltage Operating Range
Typical RON:
20 mΩ at VIN=5.5 V
21 mΩ at VIN=4.5 V
37 mΩ at VIN=1.8 V
75 mΩ at VIN=1.2 V
Slew Rate / Inrush Control with tR: 2.7 ms (Typical)
3.5 A Maximum Continuous Current Capability
Low <1 µA Shutdown Current
ESD Protected: Above 8 kV HBM, 1.5 kV CDM
GPIO / CMOS-Compatible Enable Circuitry
HDD, Storage, and Solid-State Memory Devices
Portable Media Devices, UMPC, Tablets, MIDs
Wireless LAN Cards and Modules
SLR Digital Cameras
Portable Medical Devices
GPS and Navigation Equipment
Industrial Handheld and Enterprise Equipment
The FPF1038 advanced load-management switch target
applications requiring a highly integrated solution for
disconnecting loads powered from DC power rail (<6 V)
with stringent shutdown current targets and high load
capacitances (up to 200 µF). The FPF1038 consists of
slew-rate controlled low-impedance MOSFET switch
(21 typical) and other integrated analog features.
The slew-rate controlled turn-on characteristic prevents
inrush current and the resulting excessive voltage droop
on power rails.
These devices have exceptionally low shutdown current
drain (<1 µA maximum) that facilitates compliance in
low standby power applications. The input voltage range
operates from 1.2 V to 5.5 V DC to support a wide range
of applications in consumer, optical, medical, storage,
portable, and industrial device power management.
Switch control is managed by a logic input (active HIGH)
capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control
signal / GPIO with no external pull-up required. The
device is packaged in advanced fully “green” 1mm
x1.5 mm Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging (WLCSP);
providing excellent thermal conductivity, small footprint,
and low electrical resistance for wider application usage.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Switch RON
at 4.5 VIN
Input Output ON Pin
Buffer Discharge Activity
2.7 ms
6-Bump, WLCSP, 1.0 mm
x 1.5 mm, 0.5 mm Pitch
© 2010 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
FPF1038 • Rev. 1.0.6

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