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Ultra Small SMT Coaxial Connectors - Low Profile 1.9mm or 2.4mm Mated Height

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Ultra Small SMT Coaxial Connectors - Low Profile 1.9mm or 2.4mm Mated Height
U.FL Series

Meets up to 6 GHz Requirement
Mated Height Comparison (With Hirose Product)

U.FL-LP-040 U.FL-LP-066 1.9(2.0Max) 2.4(2.5Max) 3(3.2Max) U.FL-LP(V)-040

E.FL-LP-040 E.FL-LP-066

U.FL Series

E.FL Series

1. Low Profile: 1.9mm or 2.4mm Nom. Mated Height
Height from the circuit board is 2.0mm or 2.5mm maximum when a plug (right angle) is mated to a receptacle, which ranks with world’s smallest class.

qSpace Factor of Mated Connector

U.FL-LP-040 2.5Max Dia.0.81 U.FL-R-SMT U.FL-LP-066 2.5Max Dia.1.32 Dia.1.13 U.FL-R-SMT U.FL-LP(V)-040 Dia.0.81 U.FL-R-SMT U.FL-LP-062 Dia.1.0 U.FL-R-SMT U.FL-LP-088 Dia.1.37 U.FL-R-SMT

2.Extremely Small Occupied Mounting Area
In comparison with our SMT coaxial connectors E.FL series, the receptacle provides a reduction of approximately 18% of occupied mounting surface, which is only 7.7mm2.

3.Light Weight
One of the world’s lightest coaxial connectors. Receptacle: 15.7mg

4.Applicable Up to 6 GHz Frequency
To meet the frequency requirements of a wide variety of miniature equipment, these connectors offer high frequency performance from DC to 6 GHz.

5.Board placement with automatic equipment
Supplied on tape-and-reel packaging.


6.Use of Ultra-fine Teflon Cable
From among the types of applicable cable, dia. 0.81mm(single shielded) ultra-fine Teflon coaxial cable has been made a standard specification in construction area. Refer to the following pages for different cable types.

7.Simple Removal of Connector
The extraction jig permits simple removal of connectors.


8.User Friendly Mating Operation
Tactile lock feeling ensures engagement even with this small size.

Mobile phones, Wireless LAN, Mini-PCI, Bluetooth, PDA, GPS, electronic measuring instruments, etc.




s Product Specifications
Nominal characteristic impedance Voltage rating Frequency range 50 ohms 60 V AC (rms) DC to 6 GHz Operating temperature range Operating humidity -40˚C to +90˚C 90% max.

1. Contact resistance

Center: 20 m ohms max. Outside: 10 m ohms max. 10 mA max. 100 V DC 200 V AC / 1 minute Up to 3GHz 1.3 Max 1.3 Max 1.3 Max 1.3 Max 1.3 Max 1.3 Max


2. Insulation resistance 3. Withstanding voltage 4. V.S.W.R.*

500 M ohms min. No flashover or insulation breakdown. Part No. U.FL-LP-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cable Assembly U.FL-LP(V)-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cabl

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