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Siemens Semiconductor Group
Siemens Semiconductor Group


PLL-Frequency Synthesizer PMB2306R/PMB2306T Version 2.2

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ICs for Communications
PLL-Frequency Synthesizer PMB2306R/PMB2306T Version 2.2

Data Sheet 02.97

30%530%7 5HYLVLRQ +LVWRU Previous Version: 01.94 Page Page (in previous (in new Version) Version) 14-15 19-20

&XUUHQW 9HUVLRQ  Subjects (major changes since last revision)

$&'& &KDUDFWHULVWLFV H-input current ,H: is changed from 10µA to 30µA and L-input current ,L: is changed from -10µA to -30µA &ORFN IUHTXHQF ICL max. is changed from 10MHz to 12MHz; +SXOVHZLGWK &/ WWHCL min. is changed from 60ns to 40ns; +SXOVHZLGWK HQDEOH WWHENmin. is changed from 60ns to 40ns; Input reference frequency ICRI is changed from 20MHz to 22MHz ,QSXW 6LJQDO 5, Input voltage 9I: is changed from 20MHz to 22MHz



18 19

18 19

(GLWLRQ  This edition was realized using the software system FrameMaker®. 3XEOLVKHG E 6LHPHQV $* +/ ,7 ‹ 6LHPHQV $*  $OO 5LJKWV 5HVHUYHG $WWHQWLRQ SOHDVH As far as patents or other rights of third parties are concerned, liability is only assumed for components, not for applications, processes and circuits implemented within components or assemblies. The information describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics. Terms of delivery and rights to change design reserved. For questions on technology, delivery and prices please contact the Semiconductor Group Offices in Germany or the Siemens Companies and Representatives worldwide (see address list). Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. For information on the types in question please contact your nearest Siemens Office, Semiconductor Group. Siemens AG is an approved CECC manufacturer. 3DFNLQJ Please use the recycling operators known to you. We can also help you – get in touch with your nearest sales office. By agreement we will take packing material back, if it is sorted. You must bear the costs of transport. For packing material that is returned to us unsorted or which we are not obliged to accept, we shall have to invoice you for any costs incurred. &RPSRQHQWV XVHG LQ OLIHVXSSRUW GHYLFHV RU VVWHPV PXVW EH H[SUHVVO DXWKRUL]HG IRU VXFK SXUSRVH Critical components1 of the Semiconductor Group of Siemens AG, may only be used in life-support devices or systems2 with the express written approval of the Semiconductor Group of Siemens AG.


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2YHUYLHZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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