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Hirose Electric
Hirose Electric


Non-reflective Terminations (N / TNC / SSMA / POB / FL / and PO6)

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Non-reflective Terminations (N, TNC, SSMA, POB, FL, and PO6)
N, TNC, POB, FL, PO6, and HRMM-TM Series sFeatures
1.High Performance
These super wide bandwidth/ultra high matching nonreflective termination use Hirose Electric original high frequency matching technology.






2.Full Compliment of Connector Forms are Available
A wide variety of types are available in addition to the BNC and SMA (Hirose Electric HRM Series) types. These include the world standard N, TNC, and SSMA (Hirose Electric HRMM Series) types, our miniaturized FL Series, and the PO6 Series with apertures.

FL-TMP-025-1 PO6-TMP-025-1 PO6-TMLP-025



sProduct Specifications
Ratings Frequency range (Note) Characteristic impedance Maximum usable power (Note) DC to 18.0 GHz 50 ohms 0.25 to 5 W

Operating temperature range
Operating relative humidity

-10ç to +65ç

95% Max.

Note: The frequency range and the maximum input power will differ depending on the products.

Item 1.Vibration


Frequency of 10 to 2000 Hz, overall amplitude of 1.52 mm, acceleration of 98 m/s2 for 2 hours in each of 3 directions Acceleration of 490 m/s2, sine half-wave waveform, 3 cycles in each of the 3 axis Temperature: -55ç ¡ +5ç to +35ç ¡ +85ç ¡ +5ç to +35ç Time: 30 ¡ 15 max. ¡ 30 ¡ 15 max. (Minutes) 200 cycles

No electrical discontinuity of 1 µs or more No damage, cracks, or parts dislocation


3.Temperature cycle

No electrical discontinuity of 1 µs or more

qThe test method conforms to MIL-STD-202.

N Type
Part Connector Body Insulator Male contacts External contacts Coupling Radiator Resistor Part Connector Body Insulator Male contacts Resistor Material Brass PTFE Brass Phosphor bronze Brass Aluminum Metal film Material Brass PTFE Brass Metal film Material Stainless steel PTFE Brass Beryllium copper Brass Stainless steel Metal film Finish Nickel plating

sOrdering Information
N, TNC, POB, FL, and PO6 Types

P06 - TM P - 025 - 1
1 1 Series name 2 TM:Indicates a non-reflective termination 3 Connector type
P: Plug type J: Jack type



4 4 Power


Gold plating Silver plating Nickel plating Black alumite

(Example) 025: 0.25 W 1:1W

TNC, POB, FL, and PO6 Types
Finish Nickel plating

5 Suffix


Gold plating

HRMM - 601 A
1 2 3 1 Series Name: HRMM Series 2 600 to 699: Indicates a non-reflective termination 3 Coupling Finish
A: Passivated

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