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Manufacture Part Number Description Mobile PC
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
J106 N-Channel Switch
J105 / J106 / J107 — N-Channel Switch

J105 / J106 / J107 N-Channel Switch
This device is designed for analog or digital switching applications where very low on resistance is mandatory. Sourced from Process 59.

September 2013

Ordering Informations
Part Number J105 J106 J107

Marking J105 J106 J107

Package TO-92 3L

Packing Method Bulk

Absolute Maximum Ratings(1)

Stresses exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may damage the device. The device may not function or be operable above the recommended operating conditions and stressing the parts to these levels is not recommended
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Vishay Telefunken
Vishay Telefunken
J106 N-Channel JFETs
Vishay Siliconix

N-Channel JFETs

Part Number
J105 J106 J107

VGS(off) (V)
–4.5 to –10 –2 to –6 –0.5 to –4.5

rDS(on) Max (W)
3 6 8

ID(off) Typ (pA)
10 10 10

tON Typ (ns)
14 14 14

D D D D D Low On-Resistance: J105 < 3 W Fast Switching—tON: 14 ns Low Leakage: 10 pA Low Capacitance: 20 pF Low Insertion Loss

D D D D D Low Error Voltage High-Speed Analog Circuit Performance Negligible “Off-Error,” Excellent Accuracy Good Frequency Response Eliminates Additional Buffering

D D D D D Analog Switches Choppers Sample-an
J106 mobile view J106 pdf

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