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Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Module

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Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Module




N.B.Image not to scale

rlong =100mm


rlat = +/-0.7mm


data sheet
Power connections are suitable for crimp connection or soldered connection with the appropriate use of heat-shunt tweezers to ensure minimal heating of the polymer material.




36mm + ve
Typical 1.13 1.25 109 524 0.91 1.01 97 473 30 0.35 0.06

_ ve

Parameter Open circuit voltage Short circuit current Operating voltage Operating current Bend radius Thickness Mass F36W-827 Fluorescent tubes

Symbol Voc Isc Vop Iop Br d M

Condition 200 lux 1000 lux 200 lux 1000 lux 200 lux 1000lux 200 lux 1000 lux -

Minimum 1.11 1.24 105 501 0.89 1.01 89 456 -

Maximum 1.15 1.26 113 547 0.93 1.02 104 491 -

Units V µA V µA mm mm gcm-2

G24i’s dye sensitised indoor photovoltaic modules have been optimised to work under indoor lighting providing the highest power density. This evaluation module is intended for development, demonstration or evaluation purposes only. G24i does not provide this module as a finished product fit for general use. Persons handling the module must have electronics training and observe good engineering practice standards. G24i reserves the right to change the module specification at any time. N.B. All dimensional measurements shown are approximate. Performance specifications shown maybe subject to variation. Physical Characteristics maybe subject to change. Longitudinal bend radius spec (rlong)

Page 11

Lateral bend radius spec (rlat) All samples supplied are prototype subject to customer specification.

G24 Innovations Ltd, Wentloog Environmental Centre, Cardiff, UK, CF3 2GH Tel:+44 (0) 2920 837 340 www.g24i.com For all prototype samples e-mail: sales@g24i.com

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