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October 2006

Dual Notebook Power Supply N-Channel PowerTrench SyncFet™

General Description
The FDS6994S is designed to replace two single SO-8 MOSFETs and Schottky diode in synchronous DC:DC power supplies that provide various peripheral voltages for notebook computers and other battery powered electronic devices. FDS6994S contains two unique 30V, N-channel, logic level, PowerTrench MOSFETs designed to maximize power conversion efficiency.
The high-side switch (Q1) is designed with specific emphasis on reducing switching losses while the lowside switch (Q2) is optimized to reduce conduction losses. Q2 also includes an integrated Schottky diode using Fairchild’s monolithic SyncFET technology.


• Q2: Optimized to minimize conduction losses Includes SyncFET Schottky body diode

8.2A, 30V

RDS(on) = 15 mΩ @ VGS = 10V RDS(on) = 17.5 mΩ @ VGS = 4.5V

• Q1: Optimized for low switching losses Low gate charge (85.5 nC typical)

6.9A, 30V

RDS(on) = 

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