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Analog Devices
Analog Devices


16-/14-Bit DACs

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Data Sheet
16-bit resolution AD5545 14-bit resolution AD5555 ±1 LSB DNL monotonic ±1 LSB INL 2 mA full-scale current ±20%, with VREF = 10 V 0.5 µs settling time 2Q multiplying reference-input 6.9 MHz BW Zero or midscale power-up preset Zero or midscale dynamic reset 3-wire interface Compact 16-lead TSSOP package
Automatic test equipment Instrumentation Digitally controlled calibration Industrial control PLCs Programmable attenuator
The AD5545/AD5555 are 16-bit/14-bit, current-output, digitalto-analog converters designed to operate from a 4.5 V to 5.5 V supply range.
An external reference is needed to establish the full-scale output-current. An internal feedback resistor (RFB) enhances the resistance and temperature tracking when combined with an external op amp to complete the I-to-V conversion.
A serial data interface offers high speed, 3-wire microcontroller compatible inputs using serial data in (SDI), clock (CLK), and chip select (CS). Add

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