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IR Transmitter and Receiver

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IR Transmitter and Receiver
The IC U2532B is a complete IR-Transmitter-Receiver
IC according to the new IrDA 1.0 standard.
ASK-modulation is also possible. Only an external
PIN-photodiode and an infrared emitting diode with
current limiting resistor must be connected to the
corresponding pins. The amplifier with Schmitt-Trigger
formed output signal and the IR-driver need no further
external components. The IC allows data rates from
2.4 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s and up to 500 kHz for
ASK-modulation. Two different sensitivity modes, which
can be programmed by applying a “High” or “Low”
voltage at pin SC, ensure either an increase in
transmission distance or a bit error rate of 1E-9. An
internal AGC allows proper operation under EMI
D Data rates up to 115.2 kbit/s
D Wide supply voltage range (3 to 5.5 V)
D AGC for EMI immunity
D AGC reset
D High and low sensitivity mode
D BER < 1E-9 in the low sensitivity mode
D Power-On reset
D IR data transmission
D Compatible to IrDA
D Bidirectional IR data transmission
D Ability to receive ASK modulation
Case: SO16
TxD Driver
SC Reset
95 10210
Figure 1.
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors
Rev. A1, 27-Sep-96
Preliminary Information
1 (10)
TEMIC Semiconductors
TEMIC Semiconductors

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