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(U2481B / U2482B) Automotive Lamp Outage Monitor

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TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors
Automotive Lamp Outage Monitor
U2481B/ U2482B
The U2481B and the U2482B multicomparator circuits
are designed to monitor automotive illumination by
sensing the voltage drop across shunt resistors. Provided
with extremely low comparator thresholds, these ICs can
be used together as a chip set to build an entire lamp
monitor system. Single operation of both circuits is also
As a special feature for brake lamp monitoring, the
U2481B contains a latch stage connected to one of its
triple comparators.
– 4 single comparators
– 1 double comparator and
– 2 triple comparators
each of the integrated circuits monitors up to 12 lamps
and up to 6 fuses.
All comparator stages are combined together to control
the common output stage.
D Extremely low comparator thresholds of typically
3.5 mV
D Internal compensation for copper shunts
D Internal compensation for voltage-dependent
bulb characteristic
D Comparator input voltage may exceed supply voltage
D Internal protection measures for pulses
according to ISO TR 7637/1
D ESD according to MIL-SID-883 C test method 3015.7
– Human body model: 4 kV
– Machine model:
200 V
EMI protection (TEM cell up to 100 V/m)
D Extremely low threshold voltage gives low voltage
drop via shunt resistor. Power dissipation of the lamp
monitor module is minimized
D Perfect EMC in conjunction with an appropriate
pc board layout
Both ICs can be used in any kind of vehicle with a 12 V
supply. It is sufficient to insert small resistors into the
lamp wiring and to provide the dashboard instrument
cluster with a pilot lamp. These ICs increase the safety
and add comfort features.
Rev. A1: 21.08.1995
Preliminary Information
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