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Warning or Car-Direction Indicator

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Warning or Car-Direction Indicator
Technology: Bipolar
D Can be protected against damage or interference with
a minimum of external circuitry
D Temperature- and voltage-compensated frequency
D Warning indication of lamp failure by means of
frequency doubling
D Voltage dependence of the car indicator lamps also
compensated for lamp failure
D Relay output with high-current carrying capacity and
low saturation voltage
Figure 1. Application circuit as a car flasher
(Resistor R1, R2 and Rt: 1/4 Watt
R1 for protection against continuous reversed polarity: 2 Watt)
Order Information
Extended Type Number
8 pin dual-inline plastic
8 pin SO plastic
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors
Rev. A1, 05-Sep-96
Preliminary Information
1 (6)
TEMIC Semiconductors
TEMIC Semiconductors

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