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Temperature and Supply Voltage Compensated Flashing Frequency
Frequency Doubling Indicates Lamp Outage
Two Relay Driver Outputs with High Current-carrying Capacity and Low Saturation
Minimum Lamp Load for Flasher Operation: ³ 1 W
Very Low Susceptibility to EMI
Protection According to ISO/TR7637/1 Level 4
Extremly Low Current Consumption < 10 µA (with Switches Open)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Three Control Inputs: Left, Right and Hazard Warning
The integrated circuit U2044B is used in relay-controlled automotive flashers. With two
output stages, each side of the vehicle is controlled separately. A left and a right direc-
tion indicator input with only a small control current makes switch contacts for small
loads possible.
The separate hazard warning input simplifies the construction of the hazard switch.
Lamp outage is indicated by frequency doubling during direction mode. Thanks to
extreme low current consumption the U2044B can be directly connected to the
Dual Output
Rev. 4721A–AUTO–05/03
ATMEL Corporation
ATMEL Corporation

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