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LON-Add-On Component Meter Reading Module

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U1660 LON-Add-On Component
Meter Reading Module
• 8 active S0 pulse inputs
required pulse duration > 100 ms
• LED state display
• FTT-10A transceiver (78 kBit/s)
• Standard network variables
for energy, instantaneous power and state
• LED status display
DQS certifizied per
DIN EN ISO 9001 Reg. No.1262
Display Elements
The LON add-on component is used for scanning measuring
points within the energy control system in a decentralized fashion.
The U1660 meter reading module processes data from up to 8
energy meters with pulse output (S0), or floating contact. The
active inputs do not require any additional power supply which
minimizes wiring expenses.
The add-on component expands the functions offered by the
U1601 summator, the U1602 micro-summator and the U1603
mini-summator to include external inputs via the LON interface.
Power LED
Active LED
Error LED
U1660 is a meter reading module with eight active inputs. It
determines energy and instantaneous power on the basis of SO
The valence of a pulse (delta) is calculated from the meter con-
stant (nciPulseRate). The pulses are counted (nvoEnergyPower)
and converted into energy (nvoEnergy). Instantaneous power
(nvoPower) is calculated from the distance between two pulses.
The network variables nvoEnergyPower, nvoEnergy and
nvoPower are calculated and transmitted after each pulse. The
meter readings (nvoEnergyPower, nvoEnergy) are lost upon auxil-
iary voltage failure.
In addition to energy and power measurement, the state of the
binary inputs is transferred to the network (nvoInputState[8],
M1 bis M8
Service Sockets
ID Key
On: Operating voltage on
On: S0 inputs are supplied with
voltage. If the adapter is in
unconfigured or offline state,
the LED is off and the SO inputs
are not supplied with voltage.
Signals the state of the LON node
(„Service LED“), is activated for
2 seconds upon receipt of a wink
On: Module has no application
Blinking: Module is not configured
On: Current flow via pulse contact
of the meter
Direct LON bus access for service
Identifies the module in the network
(„Service Key")

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