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(U1602 / U1603) Energy Control System

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U1602, U1603
• 64 processing channels
physical inputs or LON meter outputs can be assigned
for the calculation of energy, power and costs
Energy Control Language
for the programming of analysis,
monitoring and optimization applications
• LON interface for 63 LON devices
• Two RS 232 interfaces (115 kBit/s)
for connection to PC, modem, printer or radio-controlled clock
• Two ECS LAN interfaces
for the linking of individual summators over great distances
• Simple software update via serial interface (Flash)
• 6 universal inputs: ± 5 mA, ± 20 mA, ± 10 V, S0 pulse
• 2 analog outputs: ± 20 mA or ± 10 V
• 2 relays and 4 MOS switches for controlling external processes
DQS certified per
DIN EN ISO 9001 Reg. No.1262
The U1602 micro-summator and the U1603 mini-summator are
used as PC adapters or LON interfaces for the ECS LAN, and are
not equipped with any display or operating elements. Inputs and
outputs expand the U1603 mini-summator into a miniature data
collector and optimization unit.
Meter Inputs
Up to 63 LON devices can be connected to the U1602 micro-
summator or the U1603 mini-summator via the easy-to-wire,
polarity-reversal-protected, electrically isolated LON interface:
• Multifunctional power meter
• Programmable multi-measuring transducer DME 400
• Electricity meter
U1681, U1687, U1689
• Meter reading module
• Analog input module
• Relay output module
OCL210 by Littwin
All relevant energy and consumption data are logged over defined
time periods at a programmable interval via 64 processing chan-
nels and are stored to memory as load profiles along with the cor-
responding maximum values.
Beyond this, the U1603 mini-summator is also capable of pro-
cessing analog or pulse signals via six input channels with config-
urable parameters.
The U1603 is equipped with two analog outputs, four MOS
switches and two relays (changeover contacts) for the control of
external processes. Data exchange with a PC, as well as remote
querying via modem are accomplished via the RS 232 interface
(115 kBit / s). A radio-controlled clock for the synchronization of
system time, as well as a report printer, can also be connected.
Individual summators can be linked into a network over great
distances with the multi-master compatible ECS LAN with free
selection of network topology, and have unrestricted access to all
data available from each of the network users.
Universal Application
Both the U1602 micro-summator and the U1603 mini-summator
are suitable for customer-specific calculations, analyses, monitor-
ing and optimization thanks to integrated high-level intelligence
and the system-specific ECL programming language - even inde-
pendent of the Energy Control System.
Variable Installation
The compact housing and IP protection have been laid out for
rugged industrial use, and the modules can be mounted to top-
hat rails in accordance with EN50022. They can also be mounted
with screws, or integrated into the control cabinet. Installation is
user-friendly and easy with plug-in screw terminals.

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