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(T10x) Sensitive SCRs

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General Description
The Teccor line of sensitive SCR semiconductors are half-wave
unidirectional, gate-controlled rectifiers (SCR-thyristor) which
complement Teccor's line of power SCRs. This group of
packages offers ratings of 0.8 A to 10 A, and 200 V to 600 V with
gate sensitivities of 12 µA to 500 µA. For gate currents in the
10 mA to 50 mA ranges, see “SCRs” section of this catalog.
The TO-220 and TO-92 are electrically isolated where the case
or tab is internally isolated to allow the use of low-cost assembly
and convenient packaging techniques.
Teccor's line of SCRs features glass-passivated junctions to
ensure long-term device reliability and parameter stability.
Teccor's glass offers a rugged, reliable barrier against junction
Tape-and-reel packaging is available for the TO-92 package.
Consult the factory for more information.
Variations of devices covered in this data sheet are available for
custom design applications. Consult the factory for more
(0.8 A to 10 A)
• Electrically-isolated TO-220 package
• High voltage capability — up to 600 V
• High surge capability — up to 100 A
• Glass-passivated chip
Compak Features
• Surface mount package — 0.8 A series
• New small-profile three-leaded Compak package
• Four gate sensitivities available
• Packaged in embossed carrier tape with 2,500
devices per reel
• Can replace SOT-223
©2002 Teccor Electronics
Thyristor Product Catalog
E5 - 1
+1 972-580-7777
Teccor Electronics
Teccor Electronics

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