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3-channel Laser Driver

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3-Channel Laser Driver with RF Osc. and APC Amplifier
www.datashTeehte4uT.c0o8m10 is a laser diode driver for the operation of a
grounded laser diode for CD-RW drives. It includes three
channels for three different optical power levels which
are controlled by a separate IC. The read channel gener-
ates a continuous output level whereas the channels 2 and
3 are provided as write channels with very fast switching
speeds. Write current pulses are enabled when a ‘low’
signal is applied to the NE Pins. All channels are summed
together at the IOUT Pin. Each channel can contribute up
to 150 mA to the total output current of up to 200 mA. A
total gain of 400 mA is provided between each reference
current input and output. Although the reference inputs
are current inputs, voltage control is possible by using
external resistors.
An on-chip RF oscillator is provided to reduce laser mode
hopping noise during read mode. Frequency and swing
can be set by two external resistors. Oscillation is enabled
by a ‘high’ at the ENOSC Pin. Complete output current
and oscillator switch-off is achieved by a ‘low’ at the
ENABLE input.
The T0810 also includes a fast settling APC (Adaptive
Power Control) transimpedance amplifier. It is provided
to interface between the front end monitor photo diode
and the ALPC (Adaptive Laser Diode Power Controller)
Electrostatic sensitive device.
Observe precautions for handling.
D Current-controlled output current source with 3 input
D Low-power consumption
D Output current per channel to 150 mA
D Total output current to 200 mA
D Rise time 1.0 ns / fall time 1.1 ns
D On-chip RF oscillator
D Control of frequency and swing by use of 2 external
D Oscillator frequency range from 200MHz to 500 MHz
D Oscillator swing to 100 mA
D Fast settling APC amplifier
D Single 5-V power supply
D Common enable / disable input
D TTL/CMOS control signals
D Small SSO16 package
D CD-RW drives
D Writable optical drives
Block Diagram
NE3 Channel 3
NE2 Channel 2
RF oscillator
Figure 1. Block diagram
Rev. A5, 08-Aug-01
1 (9)
ATMEL Corporation
ATMEL Corporation

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