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Low-Power High-Performance Low-Cost 65 Channel GPS Smart Antenna Module

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65 Channel GPS L1 C/A Code
Perform 8 million time-frequency
hypothesis testing per second
Open sky hot start 1 sec
Open sky cold start 29 sec
Signal detection better than -161dBm
Multipath detection and suppression
Accuracy 2.5m CEP
Maximum update rate 10Hz
Tracking current ~33mA
SUP500F Flash-based
Low-Power High-Performance Low-Cost
65 Channel GPS Smart Antenna Module
The SUP500F is a compact all-in-one GPS receiver module
solution intended for a broad range of Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) products, where fast and easy system
integration and minimal development risk is required.
The SUP500F GPS receiver’s -161dBm tracking sensitivity
allows continuous position coverage in nearly all application
environments. Its high performance search engine is capable
of testing 8,000,000 time-frequency hypotheses per second,
offering industry-leading signal acquisition and TTFF speed.
The receiver is optimized for applications requiring high
performance, low power, and low cost; suitable for a wide
range of OEM configurations including mobile phone, PND,
asset tracking, and vehicle navigation products.
MID / Netbook
Automatic Vehicle Location
Personal Tracking

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