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SMBG5913 thru SMBG5956B, e3
SMBJ5913 thru SMBJ5956B, e3
The SMBJ5913-5956B or SMBG5913-5956B series of surface mount 2.0
watt Zeners provides voltage regulation in a selection from 3.3 to 200
volts with different tolerances as identified by suffix letter on the part
number. This series is equivalent to the JEDEC registered 1N5913 thru
1N5956B with identical electrical characteristics except it is rated at 2.0 W
instead of 1.5 W with the lower thermal resistance features of the surface
mount packaging. It is available in J-bend design (SMBJ) with the DO-
214AA package for greater PC board mounting density or in Gull-wing
design (SMBG) in the DO-215AA for visible solder connections. It is also
available as RoHS Compliant with an e3 suffix. Microsemi also offers
numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power
IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website: http://www.microsemi.com
NOTE: All SMB series are
equivalent to prior SMS package
Surface mount equivalent to 1N5913 to 1N5956B
Ideal for high-density and low-profile mounting
Zener voltage available 3.3V to 200V
Standard voltage tolerances are plus/minus 5% with
B suffix and 10 % with A suffix identification
Tight tolerances available in plus or minus 2% or 1%
with C or D suffix respectively
Options for screening in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500
for JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV are available by adding MQ,
MX, or MV prefixes respectively to part numbers.
RoHS Compliant devices available by adding an “e3” suffix
Regulates voltage over a broad operating
current and temperature range
Wide selection from 3.3 to 200 V
Popular DO-214AA or DO-215AA packages
and footprints for either high density J-bend or
Gull-wing designs for visible solder joints
Nonsensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 Method
Withstands high surge stresses (see Figure 2)
Moisture classification: Level 1 per IPC/JEDEC
J-STD-020B with no dry pack required
Power dissipation at 25ºC: 2.0 watts (also see
derating in Figure 1).
Operating and Storage temperature: -65ºC to
Thermal Resistance: 35 ºC/W junction to lead, or
100ºC/W junction to ambient when mounted on FR4
PC board (1oz Cu) with recommended footprint (see
last page)
Steady-State Power: 2 watts at TL < 80oC, or 1.25
watts at TA = 25ºC when mounted on FR4 PC board
with recommended footprint (also see Figure 1)
Forward voltage @200 mA: 1.2 volts (maximum)
Solder Temperatures: 260 ºC for 10 s (maximum)
CASE: Void-free transfer molded
thermosetting epoxy body meeting UL94V-0
TERMINALS: Gull-wing or C-bend (modified
J-bend) tin-lead or RoHS compliant annealed
matte-Tin plating solderable per MIL-STD-750,
method 2026
POLARITY: Cathode indicated by band.
Diode to be operated with banded end positive
with respect to opposite end for Zener
MARKING: Includes part number without
prefix (e.g. 5913B, 5913Be3, 5948C, 5956D,
TAPE & REEL option: Standard per EIA-481-1-
A with 12 mm tape, 750 per 7 inch reel or 2500
per 13 inch reel (add “TR” suffix to part number)
WEIGHT: 0.1 grams
See package dimensions on last page
Copyright © 2007
6-21--2007 REV H
Scottsdale Division
8700 E. Thomas Rd. PO Box 1390, Scottsdale, AZ 85252 USA, (480) 941-6300, Fax: (480) 947-1503
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