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Precision Mixed-Signal 32-bit Microcontroller SPI/SQI interface

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Precision Mixed-Signal
32-bit Microcontroller
Q32M210 is a precision, mixedsignal 32bit microcontroller. The
microcontroller is built on the high performance ARM® CortextM3
The microcontroller incorporates a highly configurable sensor
interface designed to work directly with a wide range of sensors
having multiple characteristics, including specialized electrochemical
sensors. The sensor interface includes dual programmable gain
amplifiers, dual 16bit AnalogtoDigital converters, triple 10bit
DigitaltoAnalog converters (for voltage waveform generation and
other applications) and three uncommitted, lownoise opamps with
configurable signal multiplexing. Flexible connectivity to external
nonvolatile memory, personal computers, wireless devices, LCD
displays and a wide range of other peripherals is enabled by several
digital interfaces including I2C, USB (2.0 fullspeed compliant) and a
highspeed SPI/SQI interface.
The microcontroller features flexible clocking options as well as
intelligent failure monitoring of power and application interruptions
required by high performance, portable, battery operated applications.
All necessary clocks including an internal oscillator, realtime clock
and a dedicated clock for USB operation are available onchip
(external crystals required for RTC and USB).
An embedded power management unit, which incorporates several
low power modes, allows application developers to minimize both
standby and active power under a wide range of operating conditions.
The ultralow sleep current makes the microcontroller ideal for
applications that remain inactive for long periods of time.
A large onchip nonvolatile flash memory (256 kB) combined
with onchip SRAM (48 kB) supports complex applications and
simplifies application development. The flash contains builtin
hardware error checking and correction (ECC) for application
reliability. Additionally, a configurable DMA unit which supports
independent peripheraltomemory, memorytomemory, and
memorytoperipheral channels provides flexible, low power data
transfers without processor intervention.
A suite of industrystandard development tools, handson training
and full technical support are available to reduce design cycle time and
speed timetomarket.
The Q32M210 Microcontroller is PbFree, Halogen Free/BFR Free
and RoHS Compliant
Q32M210 = Device Code
A = Assembly Site
WL = Wafer Lot
YY = Year
WW = Work Week
G = PbFree Package
See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package
dimensions section on page 50 of this data sheet.
© Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2011
April, 2011 Rev. 5
Publication Order Number:
ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

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