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OCP8122 Datasheet

Dual-Channel high Power LED Controller

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Dual-Channel high Power LED Controller with DC-DC Converter
For Large LCD or 3D Display Panels
General Description
The OCP8122 is dual channel LED driver controller
IC which loads the boost DC-DC controller and the
constant current control of LED driver designed to build
LED backlight for 3D LCD display mode large-size LCD
TV application.
The OCP8122 provides two independently
controlled LED drivers to achieve optimum efficiency.
The drive outputs are phase-shifted by 180 degree to
minimize current ripple in high power applications. The
OCP8122 provides independent PWM dimming function
for each channel and common analog dimming control
for both channels. It provides system design flexibility
for LCD-TV with local dimming or 3D display mode.
The OCP8122 can be configured for Master-Slave
operation to support multi-channel applications.
Synchronization is achieved by a proprietary single-wire
interface which minimizes system components.
The OCP8122 provides the over-voltage protection
(OVP), Power MOSFET over-current protection (OCP),
Output to ground short-circuit protection, output over
load protection, Soft-Start (SS), under-voltage lock-out
(UVLO), limited current condition (LCC) protection,
thermal shutdown protection (TSD). A soft-start feature
is provided to minimize in-rush current during start-up.
The OCP8122 is available in SSOP-24L and
SOP-24L package, and it is RoHS compliant and 100%
lead Pb free. Operating temperature range of the
OCP8122 is from -40°C to 85°C.
Wide Supply Voltage Range: 8.0V ~ 25V
Dual Channel DC-DC Controller
Drives One String of High Power LEDs per
Number of LEDs in series limited by external
MOSFETs rating
180 degree phase shift drive output between the
two channel
Independent PWM dimming control for each
Common Analog Dimming for two channel
Constant Operation Frequency
Operation Frequency Synchronization
External Power MOSFET Over-Current
External enable control
Integrated high frequency oscillator
Over-voltage protection
Output to Return Short-circuit Protection
Output to Ground Short-circuit Protection
Output Over-Load Protection
Limited Current Condition Protection
Low in-rush current soft-start function
Under-voltage lock-out
Thermal shutdown
Fault Status Output
Low Standby current
TA= -40 ~ 85
Available in SSOP-24L and SOP-24L Package
LCD White LED Backlighting
Automotive and Infotainment Displays
3D Mode Display LCD Panel
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Contact Information:
For more detail information , please direct any inquiries and/or comments to info@orient-chip.com.
Ver. 1.2 Dec. 04, 2012
Orient Chip
Orient Chip

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