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One-Chip Modem

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Product Brief Rev 1.0
April 2005
One-Chip Modem for Embedded Applications
Controller and data pump in a single 48-pin TQFP
with two integrated peripheral interfaces:
— Partial ISA (8-bit parallel).
— RS232.
Data mode capabilities range:
— V.22bis: 2400 bits/s.
— V.22: 1200 bits/s.
— V.23: 1200/600 bits/s.
— V.21: 300 bits/s.
— Bell 212A: 1200 bits/s.
— Bell 103: 300 bits/s.
Serial DTE interface:
— Hardware and software flow control.
— Asynchronous data format: 19,200 bits/s, 8-bit
data, no parity, 1 stop bit.
Parallel DTE interface for connection to system I/O
or memory bus.
DAA support:
— CSP1035A silicon DAA.
— CSP1034C with transformer DAA.
Supports low-cost, call-progress speaker.
Support for country-specific settings
(homologation) under host control.
Supports extension phone detection for set-top
box applications when used with CSP1035A DAA.
Customized feature set using code downloads into
on-chip RAM.
Internal PLL to generate high-speed clocks from
external low-cost crystal.
Single 3.3 V supply.
Type 1 caller ID support (US, UK, France, Ger-
many, and Spain).
OCM-22 is a low-cost modem solution for low-speed
embedded applications. OCM22 includes a simplified
AT command set and supports data rates from
300 bits/s (V.21) to 2400 bits/s (V.22bis) and only
requires a CSP1034 or CSP1035A to make a com-
plete modem.
OCM-22 provides a choice of two system interfaces,
a serial interface or an 8-bit parallel interface. The
serial interface can be used in systems that have an
available serial port. In other systems, the parallel
interface can be I/O or memory mapped onto typical
processor buses.
In typical applications, OCM-22 is paired with Agere's
CSP1035A silicon DAA to implement a low-cost
worldwide modem. OCM-22 can also be used with
Agere's CSP1034 line codec for traditional trans-
former-based DAA designs.
Verification machines
Point of sale
Franking machines
Other low-speed data
Agere Systems
Agere Systems

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