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Micro Power Omnipolar Hall-effect Sensor Switch

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Micro Power Omnipolar Hall-effect Sensor Switch
„ General Description
The OCH177 Omnipolar Hall-effect Sensor IC is
fabricated from mixed signal CMOS technology. It is
comprised of two Hall plates and a CMOS output
driver, mainly designed for battery-operation,
hand-held equipment (such as Cellular and Cordless
Phone, PDA). The total power consumption in normal
operation is typically 24μW with a 3V power source.
Either north or south poles of sufficient strength will
turn the output on. The output will be turned off under
no magnetic field. While the magnetic flux density (B)
is larger than operating point (BOP), the output will be
turned on (low), the output is held until B is lower than
release point (BRP), and then turned off.
The OCH177 is available in many flexible
packaging options, such as DFN1216-4L. Operating
temperature range of the OCH177 is from -40°C to
To minimize the BOM cost, capacitors of the
MLCC type are supported, and only one external
component are needed to complete the application
„ Features
z Micro power consumption ideal for
battery-powered applications
z Omnipolar (operation with magnetic field of either
north or south pole), easy to use as output
switches with both North and South pole
z Input Voltage Range: 2.4V to 5.5V
z Very High Sensitivity Hall Sensor
z Chopper stabilized amplifier stage
z Good RF noise immunity
z DFN1216-4L package
z Not need the push-high resistance
„ Applications
z Cover switch in clam-shell cellular phones
z Cover switch in Notebook PC/PDA
z Contact-less switch in consumer products
z Solid State Switch
z Handheld Wireless Handset Awake Switch
z Lid close sensor for battery-powered devise
z Magnet proximity sensor for reed switch
replacement in low duty cycle applications
„ Pin Configuration
(1) DFN1216_4L (Top View)
Pin No.
Pin Name OCH177 OCH177A
Pin Function
1 Power Supply Input
2 Ground
4 Output Pin
N.C 3
3 Not Connected
Note: NC is “No Connection” which is recommended to be tied to ground.
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Ver. 1.1 June. 08.2012
Orient Chip
Orient Chip

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