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OB3302 Datasheet

Cost Effective CCFL Controller

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DC/AC CCFL Controller IC Product
Cost Effective CCFL Controller -- Push Pull
OB3302 is a cost effective PWM
controller that dedicated for CCFL
inverter application in push pull
topology, it integrates complete
functions which includes striking
management, dimming control
and lamp fail protections.
LCD CCFL backlight system in
LCD monitor
LCD flat panel display system
Compact and cost effective system design
Direct LPWM input
Cost effective Push Pull topology
Programmable constant PWM frequency
High precision reference and frequency setting
Soft start
Build in negative LPWM dimming (burst mode)
1.3 times high striking frequency
Build in 1.5S (typical) striking timer
Comprehensive protection coverage:
IC supply under voltage lockout
Open lamp protection
Output short circuit protection
Available in DIP8 and SOP8 package, RoHS compliant
Typical Application:
GreenEngineTM Technology
for Green Power
datasheet pdf - http://www.DataSheet4U.net/

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