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N02M0818L2A Datasheet

2Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous Medical CMOS SRAM 256Kx8 bit

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NanoAmp Solutions, Inc.
670 North McCarthy Blvd. Suite 220, Milpitas, CA 95035
ph: 408-935-7777, FAX: 408-935-7770
2Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous Medical CMOS SRAM
256Kx8 bit
The N02M0818L2A is an integrated memory
device intended for implanted life-support (Class 3)
medical applications. This device comprises a 2
Mbit Static Random Access Memory organized as
262,144 words by 8 bits. The device is designed
and fabricated using NanoAmp’s advanced CMOS
technology with reliability inhancements for
medical users. The base design is the same as
NanoAmp’s N02M0818L1A, which is intended for
non life-support (Class 1 and 2) medical
applications. The device operates with two chip
enable (CE1 and CE2) controls and output enable
(OE) to allow for easy memory expansion. The
N02M0818L2A is optimal for various applications
where low-power is critical such as implanted
pacemaker devices. The device can operate over a
very wide temperature range of -20oC to +60oC
and is available in die form as well as in JEDEC
standard packages compatible with other standard
256Kb x 8 SRAMs
Product Family
• Single Wide Power Supply Range
1.3 to 2.3 Volts
• Very low standby current
200nA typical at 2.1V and 37 deg C
• Very low operating current
1 mA at 2.0V and 1µs (Typical)
• Very low Page Mode operating current
0.5mA at 1.0V and 1µs (Typical)
• Simple memory control
Dual Chip Enables (CE1 and CE2)
Output Enable (OE) for memory expansion
• Low voltage data retention
Vcc = 1.0V
• Automatic power down to standby mode
• TTL compatible three-state output driver
Part Number
Package Type
Temperature Supply (Vcc)
N02M0818L2AN 32 - STSOP I
N02M0818L2AD Known Good Die -20oC to +60oC
1.3V - 2.3V
100ns @ 1.65V
500ns @ 1.3V
450nA @
Current (Icc),
2.5 mA @ 1MHz
Pin Configuration
Pin Descriptions
A11 1
A9 2
A8 3
A13 4
WE 5
CE2 6
A15 7
Vcc 8
A17 9
A16 10
A14 11
A12 12
A7 13
A6 14
A5 15
A4 16
32 OE
31 A10
30 CE1
29 I/O7
28 I/O6
27 I/O5
26 I/O4
25 I/O3
24 Vss
23 I/O2
22 I/O1
21 I/O0
20 A0
19 A1
18 A2
17 A3
Pin Name
CE1, CE2
Pin Function
Address Inputs
Write Enable Input
Chip Enable Input
Output Enable Input
Data Inputs/Outputs
(DOC#14-02-036 Rev C ECN#01-0887)
The specifications of this device are subject to change without notice. For latest documentation see http://www.nanoamp.com.
NanoAmp Solutions
NanoAmp Solutions

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