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4-channel LED Driver

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Preliminary Datasheet Version 0.0
4-channel LED Driver for High Brightness LEDs
General Description
The MAP3204 is a 4-channel LED driver optimized
for LED backlight application targeting mid and large
size LCD module. It uses the boost MOSFET
externally and 4-channel current sources internally for
driving high brightness white LEDs
Input voltage of the MAP3204 is ranged from 7V ~
36V and max. LED current is 150mA per channel. It
can increase the output voltage depending on the
drain voltage rating of boost MOSFET.
It features PWM dimming control, internal soft-start
and 1.5% current matching between channels and
has protections like output over-voltage and LED
short/open and UVLO.
The MAP3204 is available in 16 leads E-TSSOP and
20 leads SOIC package with Halogen-free (fully RoHS
7V to 36V Input Voltage Range
Drive up to 4 Channels
150mA Output Current per Channel
1.5% Current Matching
Programmable Boost Switching Frequency :
100kHz to 500kHz
PWM Dimming : up to 22kHz
Current Mode Control
Boost Over Current Protection
Output Over Voltage Protection
LED Short/Open Protection
16 leads E-TSSOP and 20 leads SOIC
High Brightness white LED backlighting for mid
and large size LCD module
General LED lighting applications
Ordering Information
Part Number
Temperature Range
-40to +85
-40to +85
Typical Application
20 leads SOIC
16 leads TSSOP with E-Pad
RoHS Status
Halogen Free
Halogen Free
Jan. 28th 2011

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