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cosmo H.P LED :
1. Features
DATE: 03/08/2005
NO. 61L70020 REV.
SHEET 1 OF 7 1
Cosmo’s high power LED packages can handle up to 350-500mA DC current,
and available in 590nm, 525nm, and 470nm wavelength in mono or multiple colors.
These packages are formed by bonding 3 pcs of 40 mil LED chips on a
20mmx20mm metal PCB. A heat sink is mechanically screwed to the board to
cool down metal surface temperature below 70 . The main features of these
packages are as follows
l Very high flux output per LED.
l Flat PCB package. On each PCB, the quantity of LED being adjustable from
1 to 3 to meet user’s need. These LEDs being connected in series.
l Very long operation life time up to 100k hours attainable, by using a proper
heat sink.
l 130±10o cool beam in most packages.
2. Applications
l Outdoor and indoor architectural lighting
l Reading light (car/bus/aircraft)
l Decorative/entertainment lighting
l Bollards/Security/Garden lighting
l Traffic signal
l Portable lighting (flashlight/bicycle)
l Edge-lit signs (exit sign/point of sales)
l LCD backlights
l Light guide
3. Operation and Storage Temperature
Operation temperature
Storage temperature
(Data to be ready, -30~+85)
(Data to be ready, -40~+110)

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