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Indexing plungers

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Indexing plungers
Item description/product images
Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened:
grade 5.8.
Stainless steel version,
Indexing pin hardened
Threaded sleeve 1.4305
Indexing pin 1.4034
Indexing pin not hardened
Threaded sleeve 1.4305
Indexing pin 1.4305
Mushroom knob black grey thermoplastic
Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground, black oxidised.
Stainless steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in locking position due to lateral
forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been manually
disengaged. Form C or D is recommended for applications in which the pin is
disengaged over extended periods and should be prevented from springing back.
On request:
Special versions.
www.kipp.com · info@kipp.com 1/2

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