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High Linearity Integrated GaAs Mixer

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IAM - 93516
High Linearity Integrated GaAs Mixer
Data Sheet
AvagoTechnologies’ IAM-93516isahighlinearityGaAsFET
Mixer using 0.5um enhancement mode pHEMT technology.
This device houses in a 3x3 LPCC package. The IAM-93516
has a built-in LO buffer amplifier and an IF amplification
stage that serve as an ideal solution for reducing board
space and delivering excellent high IIP3, gain and isolation
with a low LO drive power. The device is designed with a
differential configuration to provide good noise immunity.
The LO port is 50 ohm matched and can be driven differ-
ential or single ended. An interstage match is introduced
between the mixer and amplifier stage to allow device
tuning at the desired RF and LO frequency. The interstage
match can be a simple low pass, high pass or intermedi-
ate frequency trap. The amplifier output port is 200 ohm
matched and fully differential. The simple matching at
the RF port provides for optimum input return loss, noise
figure and IIP3 performance.
The IAM-93516 is ideally suited for frequency down con-
version for base station radio card receiver, microwave link
receiver, MMDS, modulation and demodulation for receiver
and general purpose resistive FET mixer, which require high
linearity. All devices are 100% RF and DC tested.
• Frequency down converter for base station radio card,
microwave link transceiver, and MMDS
• Modulation and demodulation for receiver
• General purpose resistive FET mixer for other high
linearity applications
• DC =5V @ 111mA (Typ.)
• RF =1.91 GHz, PinRF = -10 dBm;
• LO =1.7 GHz, PinLO = 0 dBm;
• IF = 210 MHz unless otherwise specified
• High Linearity: 23.1 dBm IIP3(typ)
• Conversion Gain: 9.4 dB typical
• Low Noise Figure: 11.6 dB
• Wide band operation:
• 400-3000 MHz RF & LO input
• 70 – 300 MHz IF output
• Fully differential or single ended operation
• High P1dB: 19.3 dB typical
• Consistent RF performance over LO Power
• Low current consumption: 5V@ 111mA typical
• Excellent uniformity in product specifications
• 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm LPCC package
• MTTF > 300 years[1]
• MSL-1 and Lead-free.

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