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High Linearity GaAs FET Mixer

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High Linearity GaAs FET Mixer
Data Sheet
Avago Technologies’s IAM-92516 is a high linearity GaAs
FET Mixer using 0.5 μm enhancement mode pHEMT
technology. This device houses in Pb-free and Halogen
free 16 pins LPCC 3x3[2] plastic package. The IAM-92516
has built-in LO buffer amplifier which requires -3 dBm LO
power to deliver an input third order intercept point of
27 dBm. LO port is 50 ohm matched and can be driven
differential or single ended while IF port is 200 ohm
matched and fully differential. RF port requires external
matching network for optimum input return loss and
IIP3 performance.
RF and LO frequency range coverage from 400 to
3500 MHz and IF coverage is from DC to 300 MHz.
This mixer consumes 26 mA of current from a single
5V supply. Conversion loss is typically 6 dB and noise
figure is typically 12.5 dB. Excellent output power at 1 dB
compression of 9 dBm. LO to IF, LO to RF and RF to IF
isolation are greater than 30 dB.
The IAM-92516 is ideally suited for frequency up/
down conversion for base station radio card receiver
and transmitter, microwave link transceiver, MMDS,
modulation and demodulation for receiver and
transmitter and general purpose resistive FET mixer,
which require high linearity. All devices are 100% RF and
DC tested.
Pin Connections and Package Marking
DC = 5V @ 26 mA (Typ.)
RF = 1.91 GHz, PinRF = -10 dBm;
LO = 1.7 GHz, PinLO = -3 dBm;
IF = 210 MHz unlesss otherwise specified
Lead-free Option Available
High Linearity: 27 dBm IIP3
Conversion Loss: 6 dB typical
Wide band operation: 400-3500 MHz RF & LO input
DC – 300 MHz IF output
Fully differential or single ended operation
High P1dB: 9 dBm typical
Low current consumption: 5V@ 26 mA typical
Excellent uniformity in product specifications
Small LPCC 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.75 mm package
MTTF > 300 years[1]
MSL-1 and lead-free
Tape-and-Reel packaging option available
Frequency up/down converter for base station radio
card, microwave link transceiver, and MMDS
Modulation and demodulation for receiver and
General purpose resistive FET mixer for other high
linearity applications
1. Refer to reliability datasheet for detailed MTTF data.
2. Conform to JEDEC reference outline MO229 for DRP-N
Package marking provides orientation andidentification
“M3” = Device Code
“X” = Month code indicates the month of manufacture
Attention: Observe precautions for
handling electrostatic sensitive devices.
ESD Machine Model (Class A)
ESD Human Body Model (Class 1A)
Refer to Avago Application Note A004R:
Electrostatic Discharge Damage and Control.

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