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FPF2702 Datasheet

Adjustable Over-Current Protection Load Switches

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SOA (FPF2702)
During extended output-short conditions, excessive
power dissipation occurs in the load switch. FPF2700
and PFP2701 are protected by turning off the load
switch after blanking time. FPF2702 has no blanking
time feature; please refer to Note 3.
It is possible to estimate the SOA for the two FPF2702
packages, MPX and MX, through their respective SOA
curves shown in Figure 39 and Figure 40. These curves
provide a reference on how long the load switch
survives under the worst-case scenario with minimum
pad size of one square inch.(1)
Figure 39. FPF2702 MPX SOA
Figure 40. FPF2702 MX SOA
3. To protect FPF2702 from an extended short condition, additional protection must be implemented in the system
to protect the device. For example, the FLAGB and PGOOD signal can be used to monitor the short-circuit fault
condition. In applications where FPF2702 can be exposed to persistent short-circuit conditions, it should be used
only with external fault management control to protect the switch.
© 2010 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
FPF2700 / FPF2701 / FPF2702 Rev. 1.0.3
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor

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