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Full-Function Load Switch

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This is more power than the package can dissipate, but
the thermal shutdown of the part activates to protect the
part from damage due to excessive heating. When
using the FPF2194, attention must be given to the
manual resetting of the part. The junction temperature is
only able to increase to the thermal shutdown threshold.
Once this temperature has been reached, toggling ON
does not turn the switch on until the junction
temperature drops. For the FPF2195, a short on the
output causes the part to operate in a constant-current
state, dissipating a worst-case power of:
P(max) = VIN(max)×ILIM(max)
= 5.5 ×1.5 = 8.25W
This large amount of power activates the thermal
shutdown and the part cycles in and out of thermal
shutdown as long as the ON pin is active and the short
is present.
Board Layout
For best performance, all traces should be as short as
possible. To be most effective, the input and output
capacitors should be placed close to the device to
minimize the effects that parasitic trace inductances
may have on normal and short-circuit operation. Using
wide traces for VIN, VOUT, and GND help to minimize
parasitic electrical effects along with minimizing the
case-to-ambient thermal impedance.
© 2009 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
FPF2193/4/5 • Rev. 1.0.9
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor

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