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Slew-Rate-Controlled Load Switch

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Operation and Application Description
The FPF1203 / 03L / 04 / 045 are low-RON P-channel
load switches with controlled turn-on. The core of each
device is a 55 mP-channel MOSFET and controller
capable of functioning over a wide input operating range
of 1.2 to 5.5 V.
The FPF1204 / 45 contain a 65 on-chip load resistor
for quick output discharge when the switch is turned off.
The FPF12045 features a faster VOUT Rise Time of 5 μs.
Output Capacitor
A 0.1 µF capacitor, COUT, should be placed between the
VOUT and GND pins. This capacitor prevents parasitic
board inductance from forcing VOUT below GND when
the switch is on. CIN greater than COUT is highly
recommended. COUT greater than CIN can cause VOUT to
exceed VIN when the system supply is removed. This
could result in current flow through the body diode from
Figure 22. Typical Application
Input Capacitor
To limit the voltage drop on the input supply caused by
transient inrush current when the switch turns on into a
discharged load capacitor or short-circuit, a capacitor
must be placed between the VIN and GND pins. A 1 µF
ceramic capacitor, CIN, placed close to the pins is
usually sufficient. Higher-value CIN can be used to
reduce the voltage drop in higher-current applications.
Figure 23. Timing Diagram for FPF1203/4/045
Board Layout
For best performance, traces should be as short as
possible. To be most effective, input and output
capacitors should be placed close to the device to
minimize the effect of parasitic trace inductance on
normal and short-circuit operation. Using wide traces or
large copper planes for all pins (VIN, VOUT, ON, and
GND) minimizes the parasitic electrical effects and the
case-ambient thermal impedance. However, the VOUT
pin should not connect directly to the battery source due
to the discharge mechanism of the load switch.
The table below pertains to the Packaging information on the following page.
Product Dimensions
760 µm ± 30 µm
760 µm ± 30 µm
0.180 mm± 0.018 µm
0.180 mm± 0.018 µm
© 2011 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
FPF1203 / FPF1203L / FPF1204 / FPF12045 • Rev. 1.14
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor

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