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Current-Mode Controller

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Constant Off Time, Current-Mode Controller for LED Applications
General Description
EM8801A is a constant off time current mode
controller. This device can operated with a fixed off
time of the power switch. The TOFF pin is provided
to set the off time. In addition, the PWMD pin
enables the user to use a PWM signal to modulate
the switching pattern and adjust the average
luminosity. The LD/SS pin enables the user to set
peak current by adjust the voltage of this pin.
This part includes internal soft start, maximum
on time protection, over current protection and
thermal shutdown function. This part is available in
SOP-8 package.
Ordering Information
Part Number Package
EM8801AG SOP-8
Constant Off Time Current-Mode Control
Adjustable Off Time
Internal Leading Edge Blanking
Internal Start Up Delay
Maximum On Time Protection
Over Current Protection
Built-in Thermal Shutdown
PFM mode operation to reduce EMI
Internal / External Soft Start Function
LED Backlight or lighting
RGB Backlight or lighting
Organic Light-Emitting Diode Backlight or
AC-DC or DC-DC LED Driver applications.
Pin Configuration
Typical Application Circuit
Excelliance MOS
Excelliance MOS

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