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PWM Controller

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12V Synchronous Buck PWM Controller
General Description
EM5301F/G is a synchronous rectified PWM
controller operating with 12V supply voltage. This
device operates at 160/200 kHz and provides an
optimal level of integration to reduce size and cost
of the power supply.
This part includes internal soft start, over
current protection, under voltage protection, over
voltage protection, and shutdown function. This
part is available in PSOP-8 package.
Ordering Information
Part Number Package Frequency
EM5301FGE PSOP-8 160kHz
EM5301GGE PSOP-8 200kHz
Notebook & Netbook
Graphic Cards & MB
Low Voltage Logic Supplies
Pin Configuration
Operate from 12V Voltage Supply
0.8V VREF with 1.0% Accuracy
Voltage Mode PWM Control
160kHz or 200kHz Fixed Frequency
0% to 80% Duty Cycle
Internal Soft Start
Over Current Protection
Integrated Bootstrap Diode
Adaptive Non-Overlapping Gate Driver
Under Voltage Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Typical Application Circuit
Excelliance MOS
Excelliance MOS

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