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Ultra-Low Resistance Load Switch

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Dual Channel, Ultra-Low Resistance Load Switch
General Description
The EM5208 is a small, ultra-low RON, dual
channel load switch with controlled turn on. The
device contains two N-channel MOSFETs that can
operate over an input voltage range of 0.8V to 5.5V
and can support a maximum continuous current of
4A per channel. Each switch is independently
controlled by an on/off input (ON1 and ON2),
which is capable of interfacing directly with
low-voltage control signals. In EM5208, a 220-Ω
on-chip load resistor is added for quick output
discharge when switch is turned off.
The EM5208 is available in a small,
space-saving DFN3X2 package with integrated
thermal pad allowing for high power dissipation.
Notebooks & Netbooks
Tablet PC
Consumer electronics
Set-top boxes/Residental gateway
Telecom systems
Solid State Drives (SSD)
Pin Configuration
Ordering Information
Part Number
Integrated dual channel load switch
Input voltage range : 0.8V to 5.5V
Ultra low RON resistance 30mΩ per channel
4A maximum continuous switch current per
Low quiescent current 45uA (dual channel),
40uA (single channel)
Configurable rise time
Quick Output Discharge (QOD)
DFN3X2 14-pin package with Thermal Pad
Bias voltage supports : 2.5V and 5V
Typical Application Circuit
Excelliance MOS
Excelliance MOS

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