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1.8A Sink/Source Bus Termination Regulator
General Description
The EM5045 performs ultra low drop voltage
and fast response linear regulator specifically
designed to provide termination voltage for DDR
memory system. This device works with dual
supplies, a control input for the control circuitry
and a power input for providing current to output
and designed to source/sink up to 1.8A output
current. Output voltage is regulated to track the
reference voltage within 20mV variation.
The other features include soft start, current
limit protection, Power-On-Reset function, and
over temperature protection. The EM5045 is
available in PSOP8 package.
DDRII/DDRIII Memory Systems
Notebook & Netbook
Graphics Card & MB
Low Voltage Logic Supplies
SMPS Post Regulators
Set Top Boxes , Digital TVS , Printers
Active Termination Buses
Pin Configuration
Ordering Information
Part Number
Termination Voltage for DDRII/DDRIII Memory
Stable with Output Ceramic Capacitor
Excellent Line Regulation
Excellent Load Regulation
Output Voltage is Adjustable
1.8A Output Source/Sink Current
Bidirectional Current Limit Protection
Over Temperature Protection
RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
Typical Application Circuit
Excelliance MOS
Excelliance MOS

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