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E2561-Type Eml Module

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Data Sheet
March 2003
E2561-Series 10 Gb/s EML Modules
for up to 80 km Transmission
TriQuint10 GbO/PsTLOaE2Ls5Ce6Tr1RMONoIdCSu,lIeNC®.
Integrated electroabsorption modulator
1.5 µm wavelength, full C-band
Characterized for 10 Gb/s operation
For use up to 80 km at 10 Gb/s
Low modulation voltage
Temperature stabilized
Wavelength selectable to ITU-T standards
Ultrastable wavelength aging for DWDM
SONET/SDH applications
Ultrahigh capacity WDM system application
High-speed data communication
Digitized video
The E2561-series EMLs are designed for 10 Gb/s
DWDM or TDM transmission applications. The EML
integrates a CW laser with an electroabsorption modu-
lator in the same semiconductor chip. These devices
can replace external modulators that are often bulkier,
more expensive, and require more drive electronics
than the EML. The 10 Gb/s EML uses an SMP-type,
subminiature, push-on connector to handle the RF sig-
nal. The package also contains a thermoelectric cooler
(TEC), thermistor, rear-facet monitor photodiode, and
an optical isolator.
The nominal input impedance of the 10 Gb/s EML is
50 . The package is qualified to the Telcordia Tech-
nologies ™ TA-TSY-000468 standard.
The EML is available in the full range of C-band
ITU-T wavelengths for use in DWDM systems operat-
ing at 10 Gb/s per channel. The device exhibits excel-
lent wavelength stability, supporting operation at
100 GHz channel spacing over 20 years (assuming an
end-of-life aging condition of <±100 pm). Typically,
external wavelength stabilization is not required in sys-
tems of this type, using TriQuint's EML products. The
package also offers excellent stability of wavelength vs.
case temperature, with a maximum coefficient of
±0.5 pm/°C.
TriQuint Semiconductor
TriQuint Semiconductor

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