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E2560/E2580-Type 10 Gbits/s EML Modules

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Advance Data Sheet
January 1999
E2560/E2580-Type 10 Gbits/s EML Modules
s Integrated electroabsorptive modulator
s 1.5 µm wavelength
s Characterized for 10 Gbits/s operation
s For use up to 80 km at 10 Gbits/s
s Low modulation voltage
s Temperature stabilized
s Available with and without integral driver IC
s Wavelength selectable to ITU-T standards
s Ultrastable wavelength aging for DWDM
s SONET/SDH applications
s Ultrahigh capacity WDM system application
s High-speed data communication
s Digitized video
The E2560 (without integral driver IC) and E2580
(with integral driver IC) are devices for 10 Gbits/s
DWDM or TDM transmission applications, which inte-
grate a CW laser with an electroabsorptive modulator
in the same semiconductor chip, and are an exten-
sion of Lucent Technologies Microelectronics
Groups’ existing E2500 series of devices. Both types
use a small-profile Gilbert GPO connector to handle
the RF signal. The device is typically coupled with a
number of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, such as
Lucent Technologies' 1724-series, in order to ensure
that sufficient optical power reaches the receiver.
These devices can replace external modulators
which are often bulkier, more expensive, and require
more complex drive electronics than the EML. Both
E2560 and E2580 are available for transmission dis-
tances of 40 km and 80 km. The package also con-
tains a thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, rear facet
monitor photodiode, and an optical isolator.
Agere Systems
Agere Systems

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