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8-bit Microcontroller

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different modes are shown in Table 8-1 on page 25. While EEPE is set, any write to EEPMn will be ignored.
During reset, the EEPMn bits will be reset to 0b00 unless the EEPROM is busy programming.
Table 8-1.
EEPROM Mode Bits.
Programming time
0 3.4ms
1 1.8ms
0 1.8ms
Erase and Write in one operation (Atomic Operation)
Erase Only
Write Only
Reserved for future use
• Bit 3 – EERIE: EEPROM Ready Interrupt Enable
Writing EERIE to one enables the EEPROM Ready Interrupt if the I bit in SREG is set. Writing EERIE to zero
disables the interrupt. The EEPROM Ready interrupt generates a constant interrupt when EEPE is cleared.
• Bit 2 – EEMPE: EEPROM Master Programming Enable
The EEMPE bit determines whether setting EEPE to one causes the EEPROM to be written. When EEMPE is
set, setting EEPE within four clock cycles will write data to the EEPROM at the selected address If EEMPE is
zero, setting EEPE will have no effect. When EEMPE has been written to one by software, hardware clears the
bit to zero after four clock cycles. See the description of the EEPE bit for an EEPROM write procedure.
• Bit 1 – EEPE: EEPROM Programming Enable
The EEPROM Write Enable Signal EEPE is the write strobe to the EEPROM. When address and data are
correctly set up, the EEPE bit must be written to one to write the value into the EEPROM. The EEMPE bit must
be written to one before a logical one is written to EEPE, otherwise no EEPROM write takes place. The
following procedure should be followed when writing the EEPROM (the order of steps 3 and 4 is not essential):
1. Wait until EEPE becomes zero.
2. Wait until SPMEN in SPMCSR becomes zero.
3. Write new EEPROM address to EEAR (optional).
4. Write new EEPROM data to EEDR (optional).
5. Write a logical one to the EEMPE bit while writing a zero to EEPE in EECR.
6. Within four clock cycles after setting EEMPE, write a logical one to EEPE.
The EEPROM can not be programmed during a CPU write to the Flash memory. The software must check that
the Flash programming is completed before initiating a new EEPROM write. Step 2 is only relevant if the
software contains a Boot Loader allowing the CPU to program the Flash. If the Flash is never being updated by
the CPU, step 2 can be omitted. See ”Memory programming” on page 287 for details about Boot programming.
Caution: An interrupt between step 5 and step 6 will make the write cycle fail, since the EEPROM Master Write
Enable will time-out. If an interrupt routine accessing the EEPROM is interrupting another EEPROM access, the
EEAR or EEDR Register will be modified, causing the interrupted EEPROM access to fail. It is recommended to
have the Global Interrupt Flag cleared during all the steps to avoid these problems.
When the write access time has elapsed, the EEPE bit is cleared by hardware. The user software can poll this
bit and wait for a zero before writing the next byte. When EEPE has been set, the CPU is halted for two cycles
before the next instruction is executed.
ATmega164A/164PA/324A/324PA/644A/644PA/1284/1284P [DATASHEET]
ATMEL Corporation
ATMEL Corporation

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