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8-bit Atmel Microcontroller

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The next code examples show assembly and C functions for reading the EEPROM. The examples assume that
interrupts are controlled so that no interrupts will occur during execution of these functions.
Assembly Code Example(1)
; Wait for completion of previous write
rjcmp EEPROM_read
; Set up address (r18:r17) in address register
out EEARH, r18
out EEARL, r17
; Start eeprom read by writing EERE
; Read data from Data Register
in r16,EEDR
C Code Example(1)
unsigned char EEPROM_read(unsigned int uiAddress)
/* Wait for completion of previous write */
while(EECR & (1<<EEPE))
/* Set up address register */
EEAR = uiAddress;
/* Start eeprom read by writing EERE */
EECR |= (1<<EERE);
/* Return data from Data Register */
return EEDR;
Note: 1. See “About Code Examples” on page 10.
8.3.2 Preventing EEPROM Corruption
During periods of low VCC, the EEPROM data can be corrupted because the supply voltage is too low for the CPU
and the EEPROM to operate properly. These issues are the same as for board level systems using EEPROM, and
the same design solutions should be applied.
An EEPROM data corruption can be caused by two situations when the voltage is too low. First, a regular write
sequence to the EEPROM requires a minimum voltage to operate correctly. Secondly, the CPU itself can execute
instructions incorrectly, if the supply voltage is too low.
EEPROM data corruption can easily be avoided by following this design recommendation:
Keep the AVR RESET active (low) during periods of insufficient power supply voltage. This can be done by
enabling the internal Brown-out Detector (BOD). If the detection level of the internal BOD does not match the
needed detection level, an external low VCC reset Protection circuit can be used. If a reset occurs while a write
operation is in progress, the write operation will be completed provided that the power supply voltage is sufficient.
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