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8-bit Atmel Microcontroller

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8.3.1 EEPROM Read/Write Access
The EEPROM Access Registers are accessible in the I/O space, see “Register Description” on page 34.
The write access time for the EEPROM is given in Table 8-1. A self-timing function, however, lets the user software
detect when the next byte can be written. If the user code contains instructions that write the EEPROM, some pre-
cautions must be taken. In heavily filtered power supplies, VCC is likely to rise or fall slowly on power-up/down. This
causes the device for some period of time to run at a voltage lower than specified as minimum for the clock fre-
quency used. See “Preventing EEPROM Corruption” on page 25. for details on how to avoid problems in these
In order to prevent unintentional EEPROM writes, a specific write procedure must be followed. See the description
of the EEPROM Control Register for details on this; “Register Description” on page 34.
When the EEPROM is read, the CPU is halted for four clock cycles before the next instruction is executed. When
the EEPROM is written, the CPU is halted for two clock cycles before the next instruction is executed.
The calibrated Oscillator is used to time the EEPROM accesses. Table 8-1 lists the typical programming time for
EEPROM access from the CPU.
Table 8-1. EEPROM Programming Time
Number of Calibrated RC Oscillator Cycles
EEPROM write (from CPU)
Typ Programming Time
The following code examples show one assembly and one C function for writing to the EEPROM. The examples
assume that interrupts are controlled (for example by disabling interrupts globally) so that no interrupts will occur
during execution of these functions. The examples also assume that no Flash Boot Loader is present in the soft-
ware. If such code is present, the EEPROM write function must also wait for any ongoing SPM command to finish.
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