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ATC Millimeter Wavelength Single Layer Capacitors

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ATC Millimeter Wavelength
Single Layer Capacitors
• Ultra-High Qs
• Low Cost
• DC to 50 GHz
• Broadband Applications
• .06 pF to 4700 pF
• Not Static Sensitive
• Capacitor Arrays
• High Reliability Testing
• Custom sizes, values, shapes,
tolerances and higher voltages
ATC 111 SERIES MICROCAP ® capacitors have beveled edges to minimize
the potential for crack propagation due to mechanical or thermal shock by
www.DaetlaimShineeatt4inUg.coambrupt metal-to-ceramic interfaces. Longer arc-over paths help
reduce shorting during epoxy die attachment.
ATC 116 SERIES MICROCAP ® capacitors have a conventional straight-sided
design which allows the user the ability to match stripline widths or design a
custom capacitor for limited circuit dimensions.
ATC 112 SERIES BI-TRIM ® capacitors are Binary capacitors in 1:2:2:4 or
1:2:4:8 configurations. This arrangement permits adjustment (trimming) of the
capacity value to a desired value by connecting sections in parallel. This is a
highly stable variable capacitor with none of the drawbacks of mechanically
variable capacitors such as contact resistance, shock and vibration sensitivity.
ATC 113 SERIES TWIN/CAP ® capacitors are two capacitors on one
substrate that are useful in microstrip lines to minimize lead inductance in
coupling applications for frequencies as high as 50 GHz. The coupling without
appreciable inductance is achieved by utilizing the two capacitors in series. The
unique configuration, low-profile and low inductance TWIN/CAPS® provide low
insertion loss and extremely high resonant frequencies.
Let ATC assist in designing your custom component.
CALL 631-622-4700.
Microcaps® are carried in selected values through our
one norden lane, huntington station, n.y. 11746-2142 usa
phone: 631-622-4700 fax: 631-622-4748 e-mail: sales@atceramics.com
ATC # 001-857 Rev. D; 4/00
American Technical Ceramics
American Technical Ceramics

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