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14V Input / 1A Output LDO Regulator

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14V Input / 1A Output LDO Regulator
1. Genaral Description
The AP1154ADLXX is a low dropout linear regulator with ON/OFF control, which can supply 1A load current.
The IC is an integrated circuit with a silicon monolithic bipolar structure. The output voltage, trimmed with high
accuracy, is available from 1.8 to 5.0V in 0.1V steps. The output capacitor is available to use a small 1μF ceramic
capacitor. The IC can be used for USB application (500mA), since the output limitation current can be set by
external resistor. The over current, thermal and reverse bias protections are integrated, and also the package is
high heat radiation type, HSOP-8. The IC is designed for space saving requirements.
2. Feature
Available to use a small F ceramic capacitor
Dropout voltage
Output current
VDROP=160mV at 500mA
High precision output voltage
1.5% or 50mV
High ripple rejection ratio
80dB at 1kHz
Wide operating voltage range
2.4V to 14.0V
Very low quiescent current
IQ=320A at IOUT=0mA
Programmable output current limitation by an external resistor
On/Off control (High active)
Built-in Short circuit protection, thermal shutdown
Built-in reverse bias over current protection
Available very low noise application
Small package
3. Application
Power supply for low voltage MPU and peripheral equipment
Digital AV system
Any electronic equipment

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