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AMMC-6550 Datasheet

Image Rejection Mixer

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AMMC-6550 pdf
15 to 50 GHz Image Rejection Mixer
Data Sheet
Chip Size: 1600 x 1300 m (63 x 51 mils)
Chip Size Tolerance: ± 10 m (± 0.4 mils)
Chip Thickness: 100 ± 10 m (4 ± 0.4 mils)
Pad Dimensions: 100 x 100 m (4 x 4 ± 0.4 mils)
AMMC-6550 is an image rejection mixer (IRM), which
can also be used as an IQ mixer. The AMMC-6550 utilizes
two distributed passive FET mixers and a Lange coupler
realized in Avago Technologies unique 0.25m gate
length Enhancement mode PHEMT (E-PHEMT) technol-
ogy. Although the AMMC-6550 works as a resistive mixer,
the mixer can be biased with a positive DC voltage (+0.4V
AMMC-6550 is designed for use in commercial digital
radios and wireless LANs. The mixer requires an off-chip
90-degree hybrid to achieve signal image rejection and
+0.4V (Typ.) DC bias.
Wide frequency range: 15 - 50 GHz
Low conversion loss: 10 dB (Typ.)
Image Rejection: 15 dB (Typ.)
High Input IP3: +20dBm
Positive polarity for Gate and Drain Bias
Microwave Radio systems
Satellite VSAT, DBS Up/Down Link
LMDS & Pt-Pt mmW Long Haul
Broadband Wireless Access
(including 802.16 and 802.20 WiMax)
WLL and MMDS loops
Note: These devices are ESD sensitive. The following precautions are strongly recommended. Ensure
that an ESD approved carrier is used when units are transported from one destination to another.
Personal grounding is to be worn at all times when handling these devices. The manufacturer as-
sumes no responsibilities for ESD damage due to improper storage and handling of these devices.

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