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TD-SCDMA 10 Watt High Power SPDT Switch

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2.010GHz – 2.025GHz
TD-SCDMA 10 Watt High Power SPDT Switch
Data Sheet
Avago Technologies’ ALM-40220 is a high power SPDT
switch with 10W power handling capability, high linearity
performance, low insertion loss and fast switching speed
through the use of Avago Technologies’ low distortion
silicon pin diode technologies. ALM-40220 is specifically
design for TD-SCDMA wireless infrastructure application.
The ALM-40220 is reflective SPDT switches and having
flexibility converting to absorptive mode with 50ohm load
configured externally. The circuitry needs dual positive
biasing control for Tx and Rx operation.
All matching components are fully integrated within the
module which makes the ALM-40220 extremely easy to
use. The only external parts are DC supply bypass capaci-
tors and RF choke inductor (refers to figure 16, page 10).
The ALM-40220 is housed in a miniature 5.0 x 5.0 x 1.0 mm3
multiple-chips-on-board (MCOB) module package with
5 pin configuration pads.
Component Image
5.0 x 5.0 x 1.0 mm3 5-PIN MCOB Package
Port 2
Port 1
Port 3
Fully matched
High power handling capability
High Linearity
Fast switching speed
Applicable in both reflective & absorptive
5V operating voltage
Match diode for consistent performance
Tape-and-Reel packaging option available
MSL-3 with lead-free & halogen free
Tx band: Typical Performance at 2.01GHz
– Insertion loss: 0.45dB max
– Rx-Tx Isolation: 40dB typical
– 60 dBm Input IP3
– 41 dBm Input Power at 0.1dB Gain Compression
Rx band: Typical performance at 2.01GHz
– Insertion loss: 0.6dB typical
– Tx-Rx Isolation: 26dB typical
LNA Protection Switch for TD-SCDMA base station
Top View
Vc1 Vc2
Top View
Package marking provides orientation and identification
“40220” = Device Part Number
“WWYY” = Work week and year of manufacturer
“XXXX” = Last 4 digit of assembly lot number
Attention: Observe precautions for
handling electrostatic sensitive devices.
ESD Machine Model = 250 V
ESD Human Body Model = 850 V
Refer to Avago Application Note A004R:
Electrostatic Discharge, Damage and Control.

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