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1.8-2.2GHz Very Low Noise High Gain Balanced Amplifier Module

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1.8-2.2GHz Very Low Noise High Gain Balanced Amplifier Module
Data Sheet
Avago Technologies’ ALM-1322 is a very low noise, high
gain balanced amplifier module operating in the 1.8 to
2.2GHz frequency range. The exceptional noise perfor-
mance is achieved through the use of Avago Technolo-
gies’ proprietary 0.5um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT
The ALM-1322 is housed in a miniature 5.0 x 6.0 x 1.1 mm3
22-lead multiple-chips-on-board (MCOB) module package.
The compact footprint and low profile makes this product
an ideal choice for Wireless Infrastructure Basestation
Tower-Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), Radiocards and Multi-
Carrier Driver Amplifiers in the cellular/PCS/CDMA bands.
Component Image
5.0 x 6.0 x 1.1 mm3 22-lead MCOB
Top View
Bottom View
Package marking provides orientation and
“ALM-1322” = Device Part Number
“YWWDD” = Year, work week and day of
“XXXX” = Assembly lot number
Very Low noise figure
High Gain
GaAs E-pHEMT Technology[1]
50internal matching
Small package size: 5x6x1.1 mm3
5V supply
Excellent uniformity in product specifications
Tape-and-Reel packaging option available
MSL-2a and Lead-free
Point MTTF > 300 years at 120°C channel temperature
– 2GHz; 5V, 100mA (typ) per section
– Vctrl typically at 2.2V
– 29.9 dB Gain
– 0.57 dB Noise Figure
– 35.6 dBm Output IP3
– 17 dBm Output Power at 1dB gain compression
– 42 dB Reverse Isolation
Diversity Antenna, TMA & Front End LNA for EGSM/
PCS/W-CDMA Base Stations.
Driver amplifier.
1. Enhancement mode technology employs positive gate voltage,
thereby eliminating the need of negative gate voltage associated
with conventional depletion mode devices.
Attention: Observe precautions for
handling electrostatic sensitive devices.
ESD Machine Model = 50 V
ESD Human Body Model = 250 V
Refer to Avago Application Note A004R:
Electrostatic Discharge, Damage and Control.

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