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3-axis Electronic Compass

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3-axis Electronic Compass
1. General Description
AK09915D is 3-axis electronic compass IC with high sensitive Hall sensor technology.
Small package of AK09915D incorporates magnetic sensors for detecting terrestrial magnetism in the X-axis,
Y-axis, and Z-axis, a sensor driving circuit, signal amplifier chain, and an arithmetic circuit for processing the
signal from each sensor. Self-test function is also incorporated. From its compact foot print and thin package
feature, it is suitable for map heading up purpose in GPS-equipped smart phone and tablet to realize pedestrian
navigation function.
2. Features
3-axis magnetometer device suitable for compass application
Built-in A to D Converter for magnetometer data out
16-bit data out for each 3-axis magnetic component
Sensitivity: 0.15 µT/LSB (typ.)
Serial interface
I2C bus interface
Standard, Fast and High-speed modes (up to 2.5 MHz) compliant with Philips I2C
specification Ver.2.1
4-wire SPI
Operation mode
Power-down, Single measurement, Continuous measurement and Self-test
Open Drain DRDY function for measurement data ready
Magnetic sensor overflow monitor function
Built-in oscillator for internal clock source
Power on Reset circuit
Self-test function with internal magnetic source
Built-in Noise Suppression Filter (NSF)
Selectable sensor drive
Low power drive / Low noise drive
Built-in magnetic sensitivity adjustment circuit
32 FIFO data buffer
Operating temperatures:
-30˚C to +85˚C
Operating supply voltage:
Analog power supply +1.7V to +3.6V
Digital Interface supply +1.65V to analog power supply voltage
Current consumption:
3 µA (typ.)
Average current consumption at 100 Hz repetition rate
Low power drive: 0.9 mA (typ.)
Low noise drive: 1.8 mA (typ.)
AK09915D 14-pin WL-CSP (BGA): 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 0.5 mm (typ.)

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